The October FSAM Booth

booth fsam october 2015

booth 2 fsam october 2015

We produced 65 new mini pieces in the weeks leading up to the October First Saturday Arts Market. Nell posted some of them on Facebook the week prior to the market, and 9 of them sold. At least 3 more have been placed on hold for specific collectors.  And of course we sold more at the market on Saturday. We continue to get requests to post the Whimsitecture art for sale online, and we’re working on that. The issue we have is being able to identify specific pieces. We don’t title them, but we’ll have to find a way for buyers to specify which piece they want to buy. We did try Etsy for quite a long time, but it just didn’t seem to be the right venue. Online marketplaces get to be too big. We seem to get lost in them. We want it to be quick and easy for our buyers. We’ll figure it out soon.


More Whimsical Art


Nell’s workspace (above). This is where the bulk of the color work gets done on the Whimsitecture art. When we have company, this space also doubles as a dining table in our 36 foot Montana fifth wheel.

IMG_4575We call these our Table Top Gems. The art itself is 2.5″ x 3 “. This work has become the bread-and-butter part of our festival and show business.


We also do these fun little house/barn/landscape pieces at a 5″x7″ size.

2015-06-12 15 with copyright

And I’m working on a coloring book that we hope will be a crossover item, something fun for adults to play with as well as children.