The October FSAM Booth

booth fsam october 2015

booth 2 fsam october 2015

We produced 65 new mini pieces in the weeks leading up to the October First Saturday Arts Market. Nell posted some of them on Facebook the week prior to the market, and 9 of them sold. At least 3 more have been placed on hold for specific collectors.  And of course we sold more at the market on Saturday. We continue to get requests to post the Whimsitecture art for sale online, and we’re working on that. The issue we have is being able to identify specific pieces. We don’t title them, but we’ll have to find a way for buyers to specify which piece they want to buy. We did try Etsy for quite a long time, but it just didn’t seem to be the right venue. Online marketplaces get to be too big. We seem to get lost in them. We want it to be quick and easy for our buyers. We’ll figure it out soon.


Some New Stuff


In three weeks, we’ll be back at First Saturday Arts Market in Houston.

mini ralph7

We’ve been a bit preoccupied with life stuff, and finally took a look at our inventory. Since it’s a bit low, I’ve done a stack of sketches for Nell to work her color magic on, and I’m sure we’ll do more than this.

mini ralph4edited400

mini ralph5edited400

I’ve also started doing a few little ones separately, just for some additional variety. These are all 2 1/2″ x 3″, pen & ink and watercolor.

mini ralphframed

This is what they look like in a mini frame.

We’re looking forward to bringing our own brand of colorful fun back to the Market.

More Whimsical Art


Nell’s workspace (above). This is where the bulk of the color work gets done on the Whimsitecture art. When we have company, this space also doubles as a dining table in our 36 foot Montana fifth wheel.

IMG_4575We call these our Table Top Gems. The art itself is 2.5″ x 3 “. This work has become the bread-and-butter part of our festival and show business.


We also do these fun little house/barn/landscape pieces at a 5″x7″ size.

2015-06-12 15 with copyright

And I’m working on a coloring book that we hope will be a crossover item, something fun for adults to play with as well as children.

April is Good


Many of the very small pieces are gone, sold at the April First Saturday Arts Market in Houston. We also sold several framed 5×7 whimsical pieces along with several 5×7 traditional landscape paintings as well. Our new Whimsitecture banner helped draw people closer, and once they got close enough to read it, they were hooked. We have a lot of work to do before the next FSAM.

SOLD: We also got word from Affaire d’Art, our gallery in Galveston, TX, that one of our whimsical pieces sold there.  These sales provide us with validation that people like our odd, quirky art well enough to spend money on it.


I’m trying to get a better feel for acrylics. If I can somehow combine my tendency to paint traditionally with the whimsical territory we’ve been wandering around in lately, I think I can produce some larger paintings.  We’ll see.


And… there’s a book in the works.  It’s proving to be slow going, but I think we’ll get there eventually.

We do live in our own little world,  but it’s okay… they know us there.


Something New!

no 70

Welcome to our Whimsitecture blog!  Our focus on whimsical art continues, and the inventory keeps growing, so we have decided to create a completely separate site devoted to the drawings, paintings, sketches and story art that we call Whimsitecture. At the moment, it is still under construction, but I figure it’s always going to be a work in progress, so why wait?

IMG_1705edited2Whimsitecture began in a doctor’s office.  Nell was dealing with some medical issues, and when we would go to the doctor, I carried a sketchpad and a handful of pencils.  These wonderful little houses and other structures began to emerge.  Our oldest daughter saw some of the sketches and said, “Add bright colors and put them in frames!”IMG_3859 And we did.  And they became such a hit at art markets that we kept making them. While little houses and barns are the mainstay, we’ve expanded the subject matter. Roosters, fish, birds, and even flying pigs have found their way onto the table.  We refer to these little ones as “Tabletop Gems”, and they are a large part of our art sales.


They have become a collaboration of drawing and painting, with me doing small sketches, then handing them over to Nell.  You can tell from her paint palette that she loves color, and she turns every piece into a fun, quirky piece of art. I never know what she’s going to pass back to me, but I’ve learned that the colorful they are, the better they sell.  After I do some linework touchups at the end, we put them in little novelty frames and they become part of our market/show inventory.

ink and acrylic treeI have begun exploring this new world with pen and ink drawings, then bringing them to life with watercolors and acrylics. The piece above was juried into a show at Affaire d’Art, a gallery which shows a number of other pieces of our collaborative art.

We haven’t found a viable way to sell the small mini paintings online yet. But as this blog develops, we will make it possible to purchase  pieces that are a bit larger.

Meanwhile, we’re having fun seeing how this little whimsical world develops.